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Dear Colleague,

This is the time of year when we normally start sending announcements telling you about the upcoming conference.
After some careful consideration, we have decided to forgo the spring conference in 2016. We held our 10th annual event in February this year; it is a good time for us to re-evaluate and decide where we want to take the VSIPP (Veterinary Specialists in Private Practice) Conference.

The industry is changing, as you well know. We believe we have played an integral part in helping create and grow this dynamic field. There are new opportunities and exciting possibilities for you and for us. That is why we have decided to take a hiatus to determine the best direction we should take.

We encourage you to visit our website for updates on the changes we are seeing and to let us hear from you with regard to your own experiences. This type of collaboration is what has made us strong through all these years, and to you we are grateful. Your support and friendship means a great deal to us personally. We hope we have reciprocated by giving you solid education, fun extracurricular events and networking opportunities that have resulted in your own professional and personal growth.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Thank you for your part in providing excellent medicine for your clients. You have made the animal world a better place.

Best regards,

Gary Abeyta
Shawn McVey

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